Are You Dreaming?

I woke this morning from yet another dream where it feels like I’ve been running a marathon. My lungs and heart are where I always feel something is wrong. Not wrong in the sense that I have something medically wrong with my body. No, I feel as if my body is physically perfectly healthy. What I mean about something being wrong is emotional. For as long as I can remember, even as a young child, I wake up and my lungs and heart feel like they’re overwhelmed and have been overworked that night.

This morning I decided for the first time to look it up. Google I so appreciate you and whomever came up with the genius idea of you! Anyway, what I found actually doesn’t make me feel any better but it’s a start to to fixing whatever is wrong. Here’s what I found in a photo summary.

Now maybe you don’t believe in the power of elements or maybe for you they were different elements. For me I do believe in the power of elements but for me there was no wood and metal. For me they were wind and spirit. I don’t believe those details make a whole lot of difference when we look at the diagrams though. When I look at the emotions that more than just this source has connected to the lungs and the heart, it feels true to me.

At this moment, I don’t know how I’m going to make it better so I can finally dream and sleep without the residual energy in the morning but I’m going to keep looking into it. Keep researching and perhaps find a way.



Next Goal

When you think of having a job do you think of having all your bills taken care of by this job? I used to think yes. Now I think maybe. While I am so grateful to have found a job, I am still looking for a second so that I can successfully cover all of my bills and things I need to take care of. I love the fact that I have financial help after 3 months from the job I recently secured but it’s also kind of essential I find the next one so I don’t keep digging this hole of debt.

I will continue to apply for jobs, this time around it will have to be in a different sort of industry because there are a significant amount of conflicts to the job I have now. Here’s to hoping for the next one! I will get it as long as I don’t give up. I have no doubt. It’s really just the question of how long I will need to be patient for. Thank you for my new job and thank you in advance for my second. Thank you for all the abundance in my life and for taking care of me and enabling me to keep my finances going.


She’s Quite Simply the Best

Mother Nature is one of the best aspects of my life. Fresh air can help me on the darkest day. Looking at the tree just outside my window and how much it’s changed since I moved into my apartment makes me happy. Walking outside is a brilliant therapy as well. I’m thankful for what we have left of her. Sucks that she’s being destroyed but for now, she lives and she can still help me when I need it. She can still feed us and host us all on this beautiful planet. I greatly appreciate the gifts she gives me and the beauty she is.


Those Legs Though

I’m for sure feeling yesterday’s squats today. My 31 day challenge had to be doctored up a bit in the squats department. Apparently I’m not ready for 50 squats a day. On top of being in my feet 6+ hours today when my legs were already sore, I won’t be surprised if I can’t walk tomorrow. I’m already limping around today ever since I sat down for a bit after work.

Don’t mistake all this from complaining though, I super love the fact that I have working body and I can challenge myself. I haven’t been sick at all this year and I’m so grateful. I am also blessed to have a job at all. These are not complaints, these are just documents of how it is at this moment. Tomorrow I probably won’t be all that mobile but I bought some Blue Ice for the soreness and that’s all I can do.

I had a great first day at work. I even got to stay for an extra hour. Every hour helps. Every dollar helps. I am so, so happy I got that extra hour even though it might not seem like a big deal to most people. All my paperwork was done today and I was told I did phenomenal for not knowing most things. I figure customer service is customer service though. I had fun. Tomorrow I don’t see myself walking but it was well worth it!


Welcome to May!

I received a call yesterday that has changed my life. It wasn’t a bad call like this sentence usually comes with. It was a call with a job offer! Of course I took it! I’m not going to say anything else about it as the people close to me already know. I have found some relief though and I’m so blessed. Welcome to May everybody. I feel like my life in this new city is finally really beginning. Forever grateful for this opportunity I’ve been waiting for, for so long. Thank you.


What if?

So I’ve been on YouTube quite a bit and some of the things I’ve been watching are pretty interesting. During my YouTube adventures my mind had gone off on tangents. You know how things go I’m sure. So here’s my thought.

What if broken people are being born all over the world, becoming an over-populated world, because of our destruction of Mother Nature?

I know how this sounds at first. They seem unrelated right? Think about this for a minute though. We all know, a most of us I’d say believe that matter is never created or destroyed. So what if the life we take out of the trees is being channeled into new humans? Humans that are broken because we literally killed them before. Just like most humans who’ve died in past lives, they’re somehow broken because the soul remembers. Mother Nature is becoming less and humans are becoming more, same with animals.

Yes we use trees and even animals, you could argue matter is not being destroyed. But think about this, yes even in a zero waste situation, where we use all of the tree and it becomes paper. That’s a living thing going to a non-living thing. What happens to the life source?

What do you think? Could this be possible? Let me know in the comments.


Don’t Let It Die – Fiction

They’d been together two years already. He was her biggest fan, her shoulder to cry on and the best rock she’d ever had. He was there for her every time she needed someone. When she had a hard time at work and came home crying, when she lost her job, when she had to sell most of her belongings and move. He was there for all of it. He had been there for her more than her own flesh and blood family.

This man hadn’t only been there as support through hard times though, they had also shared great times as well. When she’d brought home a new fur baby that was left stranded at work, when she’d finally closed the door on the job that made her cry all the time and when she landed a new job. Thick and thin it had been him and her.

They seemed to be a good match, one of the best but there was one thing missing. They had never met. He was across the ocean and now she was unemployed. When she had to pick up and move she thought of places with more opportunities, places she could find a job but also places with an airport. An island nearby had been an option if it hadn’t been for the ferry she would have needed to get to and from it if she’d ever needed to.

It had been 3 months of having no job for her. The first month had been spent packing and selling everything she owned and moving to the city. For the next 2 she applied for jobs and did interviews, the fruits of these efforts have yet to be seen. Life has been rough but through it all she was blessed enough to have never been alone. Even though the unemployment had been an unexpected twist and it had delayed her plans to see him quite significantly, she still had hope that one day she’d be on that plane to see him or perhaps he’d be coming off the plane to see her.

Since the unexpected twist he had started exploring other options and this gave them both hope. Anything is possible. Just this morning, she’d woken up under her own blanket to look over and see his smiling face saying good morning to her. This is what modern technology allows for them right now. There will be more for them, she knew it. Just as she knew she’d soon find a job and things would fall into place beautifully.

For the last while she’d felt helpless, she had been losing hope, feeling like a calf caught in a lasso with all its legs unable to move but she knew it couldn’t be this way forever. She would not have to bribe anyone or anything to get out of this unexpected mess. She knew better was coming, not only was it coming but it was coming very soon. Manifestation would bring things to life. The world was about to open up and bless her with everything she’d been asking for. Soon she would be coming home from work just as she used to. She’d be coming home to his handsome face and sexy smile. They would be happy and things would be right back on a better track then they’d ever been.